Tea Room

£2.95 each or Coffee and Cake for £5.00
(Decaffeinated and milk options of the above also available.)

Coffee £2.95                                 Cakes From £2.25 (with Cream)
Americano                                     Handmade Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.95
Cappuccino                                   Handmade Coffee & Walnut Cake £2.95
Latte                                              Carrot Cake £2.95
Expresso                                       Belgium Chocolate Cake £2.95
Hot Chocolate                               Madeira Loaf Cake £2.25
Mocha                                           Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake £2.25
Yorkshire Tea                                Fruit Loaf Cake £2.25
English Breakfast Tea              Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake £2.25
Earl Grey Tea                      Toasted Tea Cakes with butter & or Jam £2.95
Green Tea                      Handmade Fruit/Cheese Scone with butter & Jam £2.95
Peppermint Tea                                                                                                      
Lemon Tea

Muffins £1.95                                          Soft Cookies £1.95
Lemon & Poppy Seed                              Triple Chocolate
Blueberry                                                  Chocolate Chunk
Milk Chocolate                                          Spiced Fruit


Soft Drinks                                              Hartridges Fruit Juices
Bottled Still Water 330ml £1.80                Orange & Passionfruit £2.50
Bottled Sparkling Water 330ml £1.80       A pple & Mango £2.50
Bottled Coke/Diet Coke 200ml £2.00       Britvic 200ml
Appletise  £2.00                                       Orange £2.00
Ginger Beer 250ml £2.50                         Pineapple £2.00
Ginger Ale 200ml £2.00                           Tomato £2.00
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