Battle Abbey, Battle


Arguably it was the most decisive, and certainly the most famous, battle ever fought on English soil. William’s triumph, and his subsequent coronation as King William I (1066-87), marked the end of Anglo-Saxon England, the creation of new ties with Western Europe, and the imposition of a new and more cohesive ruling class.
Society became bound by ties of feudal loyalty, leading to a greater concentration of power in royal hands, while the development of common law had consequences that still affect our lives today, after nearly 1,000 years. Hastings was fought here, on the edge of the town which it ultimately spawned, and whose name has long served as a reminder of that momentous day of conflict – Battle.
The death and violence of 1066 have left no visible trace in the landscape, nor have any relics of the battle ever been found. Nevertheless, the site has remained remarkably intact and covers around 100 acres (40ha). The topography can be explored on foot, and by following the paths it is at least possible to envisage the broad course of events

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